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Headmistress Blue Light Burlesque
Madame Oui Oui Encore :



We will respond to serious demand only. You need to provide information about the event, the venue and your compagnie.



If you don't have a clue of what is burlesque, but you still interested : we sugest you enroll in a Oui Oui Encore class!

Blue Light Burlesque's Audition Procedure:


1 - You must have seen AT LEAST one Blue Light Burlesque show.

2 - You need to understand what "Burlesque" is; you are expected to do your own research.

3 - Send our team one or two videos of your own numbers.

4 - Along with the video, include your bio, your stage name, as well as a photograph.

5 - Also, please include a few lines describing why you want to be part of the show.

IF we think you fill the criteria of our show, as well as the BLB vision, you will be contacted for an audition.

Thank you for your interest!


Att. BLB staff









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