"Their show is not to be missed"
Angelica Le Minh, NightLife Magazine

"Spectacle de l'année 2010 !"
George Nicholson, Première Chaîne Radio Canada

"Les soirées de strip-tease de la troupe Blue Light Burlesque sont déjà cultissimes"
Sylvain Cormier, Le Devoir

"In true Oui Oui style, her neo-burlesque act was reminiscent of grand old Hollywood. Soft and silky in pink and black, she painted a pretty pinup picture as she daintily went through layer upon layer of frills, feathers, and sheer fabric to the delicate and intricate garter and stockings underneath."


Montreal has had a longstanding history of burlesque from the early days of Lili St Cyr and the Gayety Theatre. Blue Light Burlesque continues the tradition, reviving the classic art form while giving it a contemporary twist.


On the scene since October 2004, Blue Light Burlesque have been tantalizing Montreal audiences for the past eleven years with their stylish and sensual tributes to a bygone era.

Devotees of the art of striptease, Blue Light Burlesque have become renowned citywide for their evenings of scantily clad scenarios meant to both amuse and arouse. Led by Madame Oui Oui Encore, Blue Light Burlesque have presented more than sixty different full-length shows to date and have sold out such prestigious venues as the Corona Theatre, le Lion d’Or, La Tulipe, Club Soda, The Cafe Campus, La Maison Hantée and now the Café Campus for seven years!

No other burlesque troupe has been around as long, or has been as active, in Montreal as Blue Light Burlesque, and established themselves early on as leaders of the city’s burlesque revival movement with Madame Oui Oui Encore as its main ambassador.



Blue Light Burlesque work to put the “tease” back into striptease. Naughty, yet tasteful, the troupe’s shows are never vulgar. Classy, campy and sexy would best describe this anachronistic romp through time, taking the audience back to an era when Vaudeville and Music Hall were all the rage.

Each Blue Light Burlesque show is a series of sketches that are loosely tied together by a common theme. Blue Light Burlesque’s MC and his coterie of coquettes weave the narrative thread through the entire show, introducing the numbers and putting the skits into context for the audience. Dance numbers range from solos to duets, and from classic fan-dances to slapstick comedy. Performers classically strip for the audience to music, removing a complicated series of clothing until they wind up in their bras or pasties.



Blue Light Burlesque have been producing shows for ten years and in that time they have presented more than sixty original full-length shows. Playing rooms both big and small, Blue Light Burlesque continues to sell out large venues as well as create intimate and more exclusive happenings in smaller spaces. They have also, over the years, appeared as special guest stars at numerous other events including The New York Burlesque Festival, The Toronto Burlesque Festival, Montreal High Lights Festival.

In the fall of 2008, Blue Light Burlesque began its latest project: a series of monthly burlesque cabarets worthy of the roaring twenties at Le Petit Campus in Montreal. The series proved so successful it will return again in the fall of 2009, moving upstairs to the much larger Café Campus for a completely different show each month.



Founder of Blue Light Burlesque, Oui Oui is truly Montreal's striptease Queen. No other troupe has been around as long or been active in Montreal as Blue Light Burlesque. The Troupe established themselves early on as leaders of the city's burlesque revival movement with Madame Oui Oui as their leader. Passionate about retro fashion and music, Oui Oui Encore brings back  classic burlesque numbers such as fan dances, stripping with scarves and shadow play.

Founder of the Blue Light Burlesque, the coquette and seductive Madame Oui Oui Encore is the true Ambassador of burlesque in Quebec. In Montreal, no other burlesque troupe has been around as long and as prolific as Blue Light Burlesque.

Foxy role model for women in Quebec, Madame Oui Oui offers burlesque strip classes for those who wish to bring out their inner vamp!

Canadian Burlesque Hall Of Fame 2013 Inductee












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